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Being a writer is hard dudes...

I am finally working out the timeline and adjusting it as needed. UGH.

Why did I add another character who still doesn't have a name?! If I left her out then I wouldn't need to re-work things but I fell in love with her so she had to go in my story. T_T

When you have a great idea for your story but that requires you to change the dates on the timeline 😑

I also need to add some dates and MAYBE move some around but I hope not. I like how everything is set up already but if I have to then I will. Meh.

I want to give my boys a daughter and I want her to be passionate about history to be the historian of the family business but that requires changes to make work.


Why did I have to fall in love with this bitch who I haven't even NAMED yet?!

She's so precious! She must be protected at all costs!

I'll draw her when I actually work on designing her. (Whenever that will be lmao)

I think 16? is a good age for her? She gets to work with her grumpy grandpa lmao but she also gets to work with her papa who's the IT dude and NERD. Initially I had him as both IT and historian but then a school project made me create a daughter and she needed a role so here we are lol

I think I'll make her grand-dad grumpy around everyone but her. He's all soft and caring with her and Dalca is like WTF?! Lol I like that

Dude has a reason to be a grouch but that's a different story for another day.

And I'm rambling.

Goodbye now.

intrepid-inkweaver -

I wonder why it is that it's so much easier to write backstories for characters than it is to come up with a current plot. I can write hugely detailed prequels for all my characters, but I can't write the actual story. *Distressed writer noises*

yugioh779 -

I feel this in the very core of my being.

When you're not satisfied with a paragraph so you re-write it five times until it fits your story.

I'll never understand people who get off with reading smut. I'll turn red but never have I been turned on by it even if it's really well written. I just don't understand people who want sex lmao However people have enjoyed my smut so I will write it.


I be a burrito lol

I have a big blanket wrapped around me and I have le snacks and le tea. This is the perfect life for a writer lmao

I miss Lou and the CreepyPasta fam but I still need to find the motivation to work on the next two parts.

The writing struggle is real.


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yugioh779 -

I love writing so much but I hate thinking up titles with a burning passion >:( WHY ARE TITLES SO HARD?!

yugioh779 -

Came up with title: A Nice Hot Bath

This is a lemon fanfic (for those of you old enough to remember the good old days of the internet lmao)

I shall give you this little tidbit; it is an EziLeo fanfic (Ezio Auditore x Leonardo Da Vinci) from Assassin's Creed II.

Blame my friend kiwi_cos for it. She encouraged me to make it XD

I love writing so much but I hate thinking up titles with a burning passion >:( WHY ARE TITLES SO HARD?!