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Name: M.J

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So I have said that I am a Caribbean kid so of course I have a collection of shells that I have acquired over the years. Here are two.

The one on the right has my dead name that I wrote long before I knew I was Trans of Gender. The one on the left is my current name. :3


I can't remember if I have shared this or not. I found it in my Facebook photos so here ya go.

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Worked on my mini kitchen today!

Added induction plates, and finished the oven so it could open and fit one of my plate

The white cupboard is supposed to be partially hidden behind a curtain, but I'm hesitating on whether to put it or not

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Colorado State Fair

film photography

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Look at my baby boy ;v;

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oh my i love him

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A view from the top of the fire tower in Cook's Forest. I used to be able to go up there without a problem. Then this year when we visited, I managed to get to the top, but I was TERRIFIED. Apparently, it's common to develope a phobia of heights as you get older. It sucks.

First Flower

Can I interest you in a baby? Our first flower to fully bloom this year.