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Name: M.J

Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them

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So I have said that I am a Caribbean kid so of course I have a collection of shells that I have acquired over the years. Here are two.

The one on the right has my dead name that I wrote long before I knew I was Trans of Gender. The one on the left is my current name. :3


I can't remember if I have shared this or not. I found it in my Facebook photos so here ya go.

First Flower

Can I interest you in a baby? Our first flower to fully bloom this year.

Have a little bastard lol No the nibbling didn't hurt.

Shout out to the only horse I'm not allergic to lmao Also all of these were taken on an ipod 4th gen sooooo yeah.

Before I post any farm pics let me just post this one and holy hell this is why fire walls are SO important! 👀 If it wasn't for that the fire surely would have spread and that is where all of the equipment is stored! My dad was already worried about the animals, imagine if he had to worry about loss of equipment too! And no this didn't happen recently. This was a few years ago.

City Hall Flowers

I can't remember but I think the last pic is from our city hall. I don't know where else I could have gone to take pics lmao

Service des Travaux Publics (Public Works Services)

Had to include these. Most of the garden pics from our home were comissioned by my dad for a website. I can't remember if it was McGill or not who wanted those but for PW I took these on my own and just for my protection I removed the name of the city because this is near where I live.

Front Garden

These are some pics from a few years ago of our front garden. I can't remember if these were from both or just one because we have two garden in front.