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Name: M.J

Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them

Don't be afraid to message/ineract with me! I welcome conversation! If you are too shy just comment on any of my posts a little "hi" or something and I will message you first :3 I too am shy and afraid that I'm bothering someone but if you see that I'm posting something of interest to you and wanna chat about it then come talk to me.

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there's just so much stuff i wanna write

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i would totally live in a cave

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dnr? no no no you misheard me. i said pr.

please reblog i need the attention

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I swear to god I'll find time to relax one day

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Old post, still relevant lmao

more KATSUMI doodles

Mood and me AF because I have used fuck so many times that it is no more offensive than idk the word 'food'. Yes, I swear a lot.