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52409 words in the doc for Let Love In... I'm not even halfway through... All you Dragon Age fans better be prepared for a long ass fic lmao

Let Love In | (Deleted Scene)

I have so many ideas for my Dragon Age story that will most likely not be included because they won't fit or will make it too long.

One idea that I'm almost positive won't be included is this :

"While accompanying the inquisitor on a simple quest, Joey finds himself dangerously close to a cluster of Red Lyrium. Not aware of the danger it possesses the halfling cautiously walks over for closer inspection while the group keeps on walking."

This is also not edited in anyway so excuse any errors. It's a deleted scene that got yeeted out before it even had a chance to be written in the doc lol

The Inquisitor takes three of his companions out to the Hinterlands to find and seal the rifts that had appeared throughout. They had to walk for many miles to find all of the rifts but got there in the end. The last one they sealed what near an abanonded mine so the Inquisitor suggested they stop to take a look while in the area.

In the mine are clusters of Drakestone which the four harvest which could be of use to the Inquisition. When they completed their task they all packed up and headed towards the mine exit. Before they even got to the steps Trevelyan sensed something was amiss and turned to face his companions.

In the back of the group he saw Joey reaching out to touch the glowing red substance that appeared to be growing from the cave walls. "Joey, stop!" He called out with pure terror in his voice. He stretched an arm out to try and stop the boy but it was of little use as they were a great distance apart. His cry caught the attention of the other members who turned to see what in the name of the Maker was going on. Upon seeing the sight of Joseph close to the red glowing cluster they all reacted in the same panicked manner.

"Joseph!" Dorian exclaimed. He pulled his staff to the read and almost immediately shot a fireball in the direction of the young teenager. The inferno missed his face with only inches to spare and hit its intended target, the red lyrium cluster. It didn't shatter but the explosion it made upon impact was enough to get the boy to back away.

Panicked and scared Joey scrambled away from the explosion, kicking up dirt in the process. The young boy looked over at the group who were now running over to him, all with concerned looks on their faces. He barely had time to react before he was pulled to his feet by Lord Trevelyan himself. The Inquisitor looked into his deep green Elven eyes with his piercing ice blue eyes.

"What in the name of the Maker were you thinking?!" Trevelyan exclaimed while slightly shaking the confused and somewhat terrified boy. "Don't you know the dangers of that stuff? Didn't your parents ever tell you not to touch things that glowed and look unnatural?!"

"I-I was just curious..." Joey stammered.

"Amatus," Dorian said in a calm yet trembling voice full of worry. "Let him go. He's just a boy. He didn't know any better."

"Unless you warned him, I doubt he knows anything about Red Lyrium." Blackwall said in a more composed manner.

"Hold on..." Joey's eyes widened in realization. "That's Red Lyrium? The stuff uncle Varric mentioned in his Tale of the Champion?"

"Yes! So stay away from it!" Joey flinched at the inquisitor's harsh tone.

"Amatus, enough." Dorian put a hand on his lover's shoulder which snapped him out of his rage. He let go of the frightened halfling and composed himself.

"Joseph... Forgive me..." The Inquisitor apologized sincerely. He then did something the boy did not see coming. He leaned down to his height and pulled him into a hug. "I didn't mean to frighten you... I... I just don't know what I would have done if anything happened to you... Please, promise me that you'll stay away from it. Please..."

"I...alright. I promise." Joey promised and returned the inquisitor's hug. "I'm sorry for scaring you. I didn't mean to."

"I know. I'm just glad you're alright."

Do I write my Dragon Age fanfic or play Dragon Age? Oh the struggles lol I'll do everything I can in the Storm Coast then do some writing. Should take a few hours.

When you spend years doing sidequests in Inquisition and remember there is a main quest lol Time to see Hawke after making him wait ten years