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Went on the McGill site to look up something and it says: is not available
Sorry, the McGill website is temporarily offline. Please wait a moment and try again.


The link says: "".

Over Capacity. Oof. Guess the students are trying to get shit done.

I was gonna look up the difference between a minor and major for university but I think I have an idea.

For me going into Creative Writing I don't think I need to Minor. Just Major.

If anyone knows more than me (a simple CEGEP student) feel free to let me know. I'm getting used to Uni terms and such. As far as I understand it, I am going to Major in Creative Writing in University.

Of course when everyone is asleep is when I feel motivated to do research on my future. I'll wait until my Uni Professor pops is awake and ask him. He teaches eh 3-4 courses? (Can't check cuz the site be kaput.) Each roughtly 3 credits at McGill. The most famous university in the province, probably in Canada.

With his knowledge of how Uni's operate when it comes to applications and my mom who used to be an English teacher and loves reading, I am in a very privilaged position. My dad knows what the university is looking for in an application of intent and my mom has perfect syntax. I have a really good shot at getting into a university since they can look over my shit. I am super lucky but I am still super stressed.

Going to University... My future... It's what will help me to get a job...