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Day 25: Eudy Simelane

Photo from Friends of a Friend - Eudy Simelane on Facebook

​*** IMPORTANT ***

This article mentions blood, violence, beating, stabbing, knife attack, sexual assault, rape, and distressing imagery.

Please continue with caution.

It was early in the morning of the 28th of April, 2008 in the township of KwaThema located in South Africa. It was still dark outside although it wouldn’t last much longer. In the next two hours or so the sun would begin to rise and would light up the world. At this hour, people were stumbling out of bars and laughing with their friends. They had spent most of the night out drinking and having fun but now it was time for them to return home however it was quieter than most nights. It was a Monday morning so the majority of people in the town were still at home and in bed. The only ones who were out drinking were people who were lucky enough to have the day off or students who just didn’t care.

One pub in the area was growing increasingly quiet as its customers began to leave for the night. Many of them were quite drunk and those who arrived with friends were leaning on each other for support. There were a few who were still a bit sober but they left the bar earlier than the drunken customers.

One customer was a young woman who was a bit tipsy but not drunk by any means. She was still capable of navigating the world around her and she wasn’t about to forget what happened during the night. Her head was still quite clear but she did have a little buzz. She paid for her drink then gathered up her belongings and made her way to the entrance of the pub.

She had arrived there earlier that night with her friends but eventually they all departed and left her to her own devices. She was fine with that. They had jobs they needed to get ready for and she wondered how they were going to get through after being out for most of the night. She smiled to herself as she suspected many cups of coffee would be involved.

As the young woman walked away from the pub, a small group of men approached her. She quickly did a head count and saw that there were four in total. They all looked to be her age if not a bit younger. They quickly surrounded her making her stop in her tracks. She looked at one who held himself like he was the leader and asked him what was going on. She had met him before but she would hardly call him a friend. He was more of an acquaintance.

He looked her right in the eye and seemed to be studying her. He could probably smell the slight alcohol coming from her and was trying to determine how drunk she was. She thought he was acting a bit odd but thought nothing of it. She gave him a polite smile while trying to ignore the three other men who seemed to be quickly growing closer. She wondered if they knew anything about one’s personal space.

When one got a bit too close for her liking she turned her head towards him and in a firm voice told him to step back because he was too close. It made her uncomfortable. That comment seemed to get to not just that one man but the entire group. The atmosphere suddenly grew tense between them and the men looked at the one who acted as the leader.

He crossed his arms across his chest and looked at the young woman. It appeared as if he was glaring daggers at her and wondered how to proceed with the situation. He gave it a thought for a moment then turned to his buddies and nodded. They nodded in return and this confused the young woman. She had no clue what this behaviour was about. Had they agreed to something before? Perhaps she was overthinking the situation. They probably had plans and just remembered them. They were probably just going. It made her relax and she was about to leave when one of the men grabbed her by the arm.

He shouted at her and asked her where she thought she was going. Confused, she turned to him and said that she thought they were done. She wanted to go back home and go to bed. She was tired and just wanted some sleep. The men chuckled at that and told her that she wasn’t going anywhere.

She was frightened now. She didn’t know any of them well enough to possibly guess what their intentions were. It frightened her. She tried to pull herself free from the man’s grasp but he wouldn’t let go. He had a strong grip on her arm which only tightened the more she struggled. She didn’t want to make a scene at first but now felt like she had no choice. She was afraid of what these men might do to her. This was no time to remain silent any longer.

She prepared to call out for help but the men were quick to figure out her plan. It was almost as if they anticipated this. It was like they planned this from start to finish and every possible outcome. Before she could let out a scream, one of the men covered her mouth with his hand while another got out a cloth which he tied around the lower half of her face. This prevented her from calling out for help. Even if she did manage to make any noise then it wouldn’t have been loud enough for anyone to hear her. There wasn’t much she could do now. All she could really do was try to fight them off but the men easily restrained her. She was helpless.

They managed to tie her hands up despite her attempts to fight them off and when she was properly restrained, one of the men picked her up and carried her off to another location while his buddies followed him. The woman’s legs remained free so she tried kicking him to get him to drop her but he didn’t. He ignored the kicking as if it didn’t even bother him. She tried kicking as hard as she could but still he didn’t react. She screamed despite the cloth that was tied around her mouth. She tried desperately to free herself but nothing worked.

A sense of dread filled her when they arrived at an open field. She didn’t know exactly what their plans or motives were but she had a good guess as to what they were. She knew that there was only one reason why a group of men would bring her to an isolated place such as the field. There was just one reason and it terrified her.

When the man set her down the cloth around her face loosened and fell around her neck. Now that he mouth was no longer covered she begged to be let go. She begged to be spared. She pleaded with them not to hurt her. The men surrounded her to keep her from running and they all smirked as she pleaded. They found it entertaining.

One of the men told the woman that they were going to have so much fun with her. Her eyes widened when he said that. She knew what he was referring to and that was the last thing she wanted. She screamed out when the men began grabbing her clothes and groping her. She tried backing away but there was nowhere to go.

She continued to plead with them but her pleas fell on deaf ears. They wanted to have their way with her and it seemed as if nothing was going to stop that. Tears streamed down her face when she realized that there was no stopping the men. All she could do was sit there and cry as her clothes were ripped from her body. She was forced to lie down on the ground and her limbs were pinned down by three men while the fourth forced himself on her.

She screamed at the top of her lungs. She begged him to let her go. She tried pulling her arms free. She did everything she could think of. The men simply laughed at her and said that by the end of this she would finally be a real woman. In the back of her mind she knew what they were referring to but she was so scared that she couldn’t even think about that. The only thing on her mind was somehow escaping and going to the police.

She wanted the men behind bars for what they were going to her. They were disgusting human beings if they could even be called that. They got off from the suffering of another person. They were enjoying it.

They were sick.

The young woman finally gave up after what felt like forever. The men saw it as a victory and continued all why the woman lay limp on the ground. Tears were pouring down her face and she tried her best to think of anything other than her present. Anything would have been better than what she was experiencing. She closed her eyes and tried to go to a better place. She prayed for death to come and take her. She wanted nothing more than for her suffering to end.

When they men were done they began talking about what to do with her. They didn’t want to let her go. One of them said that she would just go to the cops so if they wanted to get away with the crime then they would have to kill her. This snapped the woman back to reality. She began screaming again and begging to be let go. She promised not to go to the cops but the men didn’t believe her. They knew she would and by now they were getting very frustrated with all of the noise she was making.

One of the men pulled out a knife he had and a second did the same. Only two of them had knives so the other two stepped aside and watched the scene unfold. The two who possessed knives approached the young woman with wide grins on their faces. She screamed at the top of her lungs and tried to scramble away but they grabbed her and pinned her down. They brought the sharp blades down on her and each time a knife punctured her flesh, she screamed. She screamed so loud that she thought her throat would tear open.

The pain rippled through her body. Her tears soaked her neck and upper chest. The salty water soon mixed with her blood. She tried to fight them off for as long as she could but soon the pain became overwhelming. She couldn’t bear it. The pain spread all over her body and soon it weakened her to the point where all she could do was cry.

The tears continued to pour down her face until one man dealt the final blow. One last stab was all it took. He stabbed her and she stopped moving. Her body went stiff for a very brief moment but then relaxed. She was dead.

Her name was Eudy Simelane and she was just 31 years old.


After the murder, the killers dragged her body to a nearby drainage ditch where she was dumped. She was then found sometime later and identified.

Four men were arrested for the crime but only two were convicted while the other two were aquitted. One man, aged 24, was convicted and given a life sentence for murder, 20 years for being an accomplice to rape and 15 years for robbery. The second man was sentenced for 32 years in prison. The two men who were acquitted were 22 and 18 years old.

This case is said to have been the first conviction for the crime of “corrective rape”.


Eudy Simelane was the first woman to live openly as a lesbian in the township of KwaThema. Ever since she was a child, she loved football (soccer).

As an adult she played as a midfielder for the Banyana Banyana national women’s team of South Africa then worked as a coach and referee. At the time, the team struggled as it didn’t have nearly as much respect as the men’s team and one player even said that her team would often play with worn-out shoes. When she worked as a referee, Eudy came out and became an LGBTQ+ activist.



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