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Name: M.J

Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them

Don't be afraid to message/ineract with me! I welcome conversation! If you are too shy just comment on any of my posts a little "hi" or something and I will message you first :3 I too am shy and afraid that I'm bothering someone but if you see that I'm posting something of interest to you and wanna chat about it then come talk to me.

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An Anonymous user asked:

hey could you please tag the image posts you make with nsfw when its needed? i ignored it until now but like- it bothers me and im sure some others

Sorry about that! Which ones are you referring to? I put all of these in my queue months ago and don't remember any of them.

I'm making this public so others can see it too and send me the NSFW ones that aren't tagged to help out.

An Anonymous user asked:

Dude bro, manly man, muchacho, hombre, take a photo of him and set it on fire.



Are you talking about my last post? Sorry I'm slightly drunk and it's late af for me.

Wow I know I'm stupid but damn. 😂

And trust me, I've thought about it.