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Name: M.J

Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them

Don't be afraid to message/ineract with me! I welcome conversation! If you are too shy just comment on any of my posts a little "hi" or something and I will message you first :3 I too am shy and afraid that I'm bothering someone but if you see that I'm posting something of interest to you and wanna chat about it then come talk to me.

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My mam showing off her singing skills while I still have a tissue smashed against my face.

I miss Lou and the CreepyPasta fam but I still need to find the motivation to work on the next two parts.

The writing struggle is real.


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yugioh779 asked:

Um I need some help. So idk if it's just my eyes not working but it appears as if I can't change the theme on my blog. It looks like Dark Moss even when I switch it to Hellsite Traditional. I clicked submit but it still looks like it didn't change. I went back to the settings and it said I changed it but the colour looks the same. I be stuck with Dark Moss now for some reason. Am I the only one this happened to or is this a known bug?

staff -

Try Ctrl-F5; you show as Hellsite for me.

yugioh779 -

Works on my computer. My phone is just a lil bitch and glitched out on me somehow. It's been acting up recently but it decided to be nice now.