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I know if I get stitches then the cut will heal faster but I'm so afraid of needles that I really don't wanna go. I'm sure they'd inject me with numbing shit and I CANNOT do that. I struggle to give myself an injection weekly which is what I've been doing for like 2 years now ish. Idk maybe closer to 3.

I. Hate. Needles. So. Fucking. Much.

Why am I like this? T_T

I don't care that it will take forever to heal since its right on my lip. I can deal with the leaking blood. I rather that then hospital. The only way I'm going is if my mom drags my ass there. I'd go if I think I broke something OBVIOUSLY but this is different. Needles will most likely be involved.


I don't wanna.

They'd have to put me out it's that bad. I don't wanna be awake if my face is getting stitched. They'd need to knock me out just to inject me with numbing shit. I know that if I'm out there is no need I'm just saying that's how bad it is for me.

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