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Research/ Writer Help Wanted! [OPEN]


So as you guys know, I am busy on a project that will last the duration of June 2020 for now but I hope to continue it well past June. This month I'm just featuring LGBTQ+ activists who have been murdered for speaking up and wanting equality and often times the fact that they were themselves LGBTQ+ played a role in their deaths.

This has me very busy pretty much every day doing research and writing their story but I also want to include a page talking about the history of the LGBTQ+ community and movement. I want to talk about the queers of the past and maybe even create a page of historical gays and their contribution to history like Leonardo Da Vinci but I can't do both at the same time. The hardest part is the research because it requires so much time.

You can contact me on here or at my email which will be listed under the cut.

Please contact me if you are SERIOUS about wanting to help!

I want to educate people on this site about the LGBTQ+ movement and history. It's important to me since I am a part of the community and I want all of our voices to be heard which includes people of colour and different religions.

I even, at some point, want to make a section how people celebrate pride from around the world but that is for a later date. I may even include a page of all of the different pronouns and names to call family members who don't like the gendered ones such as mom/dad, aunt/uncle. brother/sister, etc,.

Your Help

I would like if someone or some people could help me out by doing the research. I can do the writing if I have the materials.

The sooner I get the history part done, the sooner I can make my site live where you can read everything all in one place.

If you do help then you will be credited on my site if you want with your social media. If not that's fine, I will credit you as Anonymous.

Your Job

For now, I would just like someone to do some research on the movement and its history on RELIABLE sources! Mesuem sites are always a good place to start or if you have access to JSTOR or some other place where you can get scholarly articles and book access. I would prefer the information came from things published in recent years.

I would also prefer that someone offer to help if they know how to find a reliable source because I am so busy that I'm not going to be able to help much when it comes to explaining it. It should be a given that WIkipedia is not a reliable source but you can use it to find refereances to other sources at the bottom of the page.

I also encourage you to cross-check information which is what I have been doing. That's why there are so many links in my sources section under my stories. However, I'm dealing with news sources and sometimes not everything is accurate but for you, you should have an easier time with the right sources since this is all historical.

Think of this like an essay you would write for school, just not in a formal format.

How It Will Work

I will make a Google Doc just for the history page and historical figures. There you can put the links of the sources you found and write down some information that you think would be important to include. Don't worry about putting too much or too little. Just put down anything you deem important.

If you volunteer to help then I will give a more in depth explanation of this.

If you want to do the writing for this section because it would be good practice for you then by all means, go right ahead!

I, of course, will be double checking your sources and information after 7:30 PM Standard Eastern Time which is when I try to get the stories posted.

This is almost exactly like an essay for school because I'm sure many of you had to submit an annotated bibliography before proceeding.

I haven't been including citations because I am taking facts and puttng them into my own words in a story (creative nonfiction) but for this I would like in text citations in MLA format as that is what I am used to. The works cited pages should also be in MLA.*

(*This only applies if YOU are going to be the one writing the piece. If I do the writing and all you do is find sources to help me out then disregard this.)


There is no deadline but I would like this done as soon as possible. I don't want to wait until the end of the month to make the site live.


- You can send me a message here on Waterfall

- DM me on Instagram @/yourlgbtqstories

- Email me @

I would prefer an email but any of these would work. Please don't reblog this saying you want to help because I won't be monitoring the notes for this post.

If you want to help write then think of this as something for school worth a lot of marks so do a good job with spelling, grammar, and fact checking.

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