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I had just a nice sleep!

I probably slept for 20 minutes last night -_- maybe not even. I think I had a microsleep. Idk I just know I barely slept. I think it might have been a microsleep because it didn't feel long. It was like I passed out for two seconds.

Insomnia was like "no sleep for u bitch".

This is why I sleep for like ten hours when I can. I cherish the times I can sleep but tonight was not one of those times.

I have a full day of classes today.

Fun. 🙃

I am also just letting my queue run out I think there's a month left of shit there then I'll manually post. I have like a year worth of screenshots and some funny videos lmao

Lmao mam thought I'd need to call to make an appointment for a blood test. Little did she know that we are in the future and that can be done online.

Thank GOD.

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The itchy phase of healing has begun...

Normally it's hard to resist scratching a scab for me but I nearly fainted because of this gash so that's what has been keeping me from picking it. I don't want blood to gush out again...


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I put some disinfectant/antibiotic cream or whatever and felt the damage. It feels intense but only because I'm feeling with one finger. I can't see it so idk but according to my friend it isn't that nasty. I think the scabbing makes it worse than it is.

Still gross and itches like a bitch but I won't pick at it. I need this bitch to heal. I'm not gonna put a band-aid on tonight (lol its 4:40 am as I write this) to let it air out and drain any potential bacteria. I don't wanna trap anything under a band-aid. It's not bleeding that much or at all really so it should be fine.

It did bleed when I tried eating a muffin earlier. I'm not ready for solid foods just yet. More smoothies for me lol

Okay well I can have pizza because its easy to eat out of the corner of my mouth but even that's still risky. I should really stick to sauces and smoothies rn.

But pizza so tasty! T_T

So I've made the decision to not go to university.

I want to be an author and as far as the research goes, you don't need any sort of degree to get published. All sites I've read say that publishers don't look for degrees but whether or not you have any spelling errors and how good your story content is. They think about if it will sell and fits with their standards I guess, like if it's like other things they have published and if all is good they will publish it.

The only reason you'd want to go to university is if you want to work for a magazine or newspaper I guess. They are a company so they are looking for qualifications but that's not what I want to do so I don't care about that.

I agree that it would be good to go to university to study other genres but eh. I don't necessarily need that to get published. Every site I looked at said you need to read and write for practice which is what I already do.

My plan is to finish up CEGEP then get a job. When I'm not working I'll work on my writing and read more to improve my skill. In between that I'll work on my stories to get them ready for publication.

The thing is, my parents, mainly my dad will be super pissed off with this plan. They want me to go to university because they believe it's the best route to get a job. According to my research that's not true. I believe my cousin who wants to get published did go to university but he's doing other things along with writing novels. I'll probably consult him about this but I feel like university is not for me.

In literally every other province CEGEP is just equivalent to grades 12 & 13 of high school but it is a college. It's in between high school and university. So it's not like I will have JUST a high school deploma. I'll have two which is better than one or none in my mind.

Has anyone not gone to university right from Hugh school? What was it like for you? Do you plan on going to university or are you focusing on your job? I'm curious. I feel like this is the best route for me. If I don't need university to get published then I don't see the point in it. I want to get started on

1. Actually getting a real job, something I've never had


2. Getting to work on my stories in hopes of getting published.

I don't care how pissed off my dad will be. I really want control over my own life for once. I am 21 for fucks sake. It's time I take control, don't you think? I'm not a child. I know what I'm doing. I've been thinking about this since high school. Ever since then I've felt like university is not for me.

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For my french vocabulary I'm supposed to use characters from my favorite tv shows or movies and I'm just completely blanking on everything I like lmao

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With the help of my dad, I decided to do dragon ball

I don't watch dragon ball but it's the only thing we can think of that has all the family relationships I need for my vocab lmao

yugioh779 -

You get to do that and one of our first assignments literally talked about death lmao

I probably won't reach your level in my class since I'm at a baby level 😂 I grew up in Québec and I'm at baby French level.

This is from a blog that I think is still up but under another name and that happened...